Adversity A Test of Life

Adversity A Test of Life

Date : 29 Nov 2008


Life tests us on regular basis (like monthly, quarterly, yearly tests- in schools/colleges) to check our mental and spiritual state. When everything is congenial and fine in life, we may feel ourselves to be mentally strong and spiritually evolved. However, adverse situations in life are our actual tests. Only if we pass in these tests by remaining calm, undisturbed and fearless we can possess the right frame of mind and spiritually evolved state. Adversity in life could be in the form of financial losses, major disease, loss of job, strained relationship or death of a near and dear. When we get disturbed, our suffering elongates and when we remain calm, it becomes a touch and go situation. Always be prepared for life tests and emerge successfully.-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Whenever I used to encounter problems in my business and personal life I used rush to astrologers and vastu experts for guidance. Sometimes problems would get solved and some other times they used to aggravate also. Life was mixture of anxiety, fear and negativity. Now as I have become more and more positive and meditating regularly my anxieties have considerably reduced. Though life continues to be what it used to be but I am much stronger in facing the problems and sorting them out on my own. In fact as I have started accepting things as they are, I find that problems are no problems. I have experienced that when hurdles or problems come in life, they come for some good reason and as they find entry in life they also find an exit, provided we allow it to exit.Sudhakar

  Question and Answers

Q:Even when we sincerely follow spiritual path with full devotion and faith yet why should we face adversity in life?A:
Following spiritual path is not a blanket ticket for smooth sailing in life. It's not an assurance from God that no untoward incident will take place in life. Whatever situation arises in life, arises because of our own Karma (past actions) and we may have to suffer the result of these karmas. The difference between an ordinary person and spiritually evolved person is not in not having adverse or unfavorable situations in life but in how one reacts to these situations. Situations in life may or may not change by following spiritual path but our situational reactions certainly changes. One evolves to an equilibrium state and reacts positively even in an adverse situation. One definitely becomes stronger in dealing with unfavorable situations.

Adversity in life has been faced even by Gods such as Rama, the Buddha, Jesus Christ and highly evolved saints such as Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Ramana Maharshi etc.



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