Aren't we blind

Aren't we blind


Date : 05 Jan 2008



Physically blind people are not able to see the outside world and we are not able to see the inside world. We get so much lost in the outside attractions and negative aspects that we do not realize the existence of the beautiful world inside. All our negativity viz. hatred, jealousy, ego, revenge, fear etc. are born because of the lack of inner journey. Even if we close our eyes to turn inwardly we cannot remain in that darkness for long and out of fear open our eyes without seeing and enjoying the treasure inside. Learn to turn inwards and see through the darkness-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


My recent experience in a school for blind children: I had conducted a program on 3rd Jan, 08 at a school for blind children. This school seems to be the biggest school for blind children in India. They have around 350 students and provide totally free education, boarding and lodging. It was a great experience for me sharing the secrets of invoking our potential powers with these visually impaired children. The participation of children in my talk and the intelligent questions they asked was amazing. The way they were absorbed in the subject and the confidence they showed in achieve great heights in their lives was just incomparable.

Some of the students from this school have become software engineers and are working in top class Indian companies like Wipro, Infosys etc. Some of them are aiming to become chartered accountant and IAS officer. They don't look at any sympathy from anybody but they look at opportunities that too on merits.

These visually impaired students are so lovely, lively, intelligent and forward looking that people, who are without any disablement have to learn life lessons from them. Some of my observations of natural instincts these children live with, which can teach us life lessons are,

1. Always move in tandem (in harmony) with others and remain willing to offer help to others.

2. Do not only believe in what you see, use your sixth sense (feelings in egoless state) to judge a person or situation.

3. Offer gratitude to God for what all you have and do not complain for what you don't have.

4. Carry on with life unbothered of ups and downs.

5. Irrespective of your encountering unfavorable situations in life, remain happy all the time.

6. Make best use of your abilities and live joyfully.

7. Look forward and never look backwards.

8. Put sincere efforts towards your goals and not get perturbed with failures, new opportunities will automatically start flowing towards you.

9. Turn inward rather than always remaining outward.

-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

These great life lessons from the blind students can be spread to others to help people know how to live life.


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