Everybody has to go through their share of happiness and sorrow

Everybody has to go through their share of happiness and sorrow


Date : 23 May 2010


"Anyone Can Hold The Helm When The Sea Is Calm but what about when the sea is turbulent. Your true state gets projected during adversities."

Everybody in this world has to experience their share of happiness, Joy, Pain and Sorrow. Nobody can escape this universal law. However in times of pain everybody thinks that life has only pain and no joy. One painful situation can erase whole life's happiness.

Apparently everybody thinks that their life is most miserable and their share of happiness is the least. But the fact is that at some time or the other or in some birth or the other, everybody has to go through the results of their deeds in the form of happiness or pain. Some people would have gone through it before and some people are going through in the present and some people would go through it in the future, but nobody would be able to escape the fury of their deeds, not even the Saints and Gods.

With this cosmic law in place one should neither get depressed when one is in problems and facing painful situations nor feel exalted when good things happen in life. Good times and bad times, both are temporary, as the present situation will undergo a change when the time comes for the next row of deeds to give their results. Good deeds will bring good results and bad deeds will bring bad results. However one thing permanent in these cosmic laws is that everything is impermanent and short lived.

So instead of feeling bad in bad phase of life one should celebrate because next in queue would be good period and when one is enjoying good period then one should be prepared to pay some tax on happiness in the form of bad phase of life. This is an eternal truth of the eternal cycle of different phases of life having peaks of good and bad phases and waves of happiness and sorrow.

- Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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