Hardened Ego, the main obstruction in the union with Param Atma

Hardened Ego, the main obstruction in the union with Param Atma


Date : 19 June 2010


As solid Ice cannot merge with water unless it melts into water, Human Being (Individual souls) cannot merge with Divine Being (Supreme soul) unless its Ego melts.

The only obstruction in the merging of Jiva Atma (individual soul) to Param Atma (Supreme soul) is the EGO, the feeling of being an independent entity. This feeling of a separate entity, other than the Supreme Being, is what keeps the Jiva Atma bound to the world and forces it to go through the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

This Ego of being an independent entity keeps getting stronger and stronger and solidifies with the earning of wealth, status, name, fame, false pride, anger, jealousy, revenge, intelligence and knowledge. Until this Ego remains solidified one cannot experience one's own true state of being Param Atma. Remaining away from this reality, one suffers in the world.

Jiva Atma (Individual soul) which manifests from Param Atma(Supreme soul) to enjoy the creation and merge back into it, gets caught into the mighty Ego while it is in the human body in the last leg of its journey.

Only when this Ego starts melting, cleansing of Jiva Atma takes place and when it melts fully, Jiva Atma becomes pure and it gushes towards Param Atma. Magnetic attraction gets created between Param Atma and Jiva Atma, similar to what happens when snow melts on the mountains and it gets converted into river. The river gushes towards the ocean and does not rest till it merges with it. In spite of various obstructions in the path of the river, it does not stop from flowing towards the ocean. To avoid obstructions it does not mind changing its path or going under ground or splitting itself into small streams so as to eventually merge with the ocean.

When the Ego melts, Jiva Atma becomes pure, humble, loving and caring. It becomes free of anger, jealousy or revenge and drops its false pride. As it becomes purer and its purity matches with the purity of Param Atma, the magnetic force of Param Atma becomes intense to attract Jiva Atma. Then all the actions of Jiva Atma naturally become such (devotion, meditation, contemplation etc) that all the time it revolves around the supreme Param Atma. Such intensity help it over come all the obstructions and eventually create the ultimate union with Param Atma.

-Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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