Parents emotions - blessings and curse

Parents emotions - blessings and curse


Date : 19 July 2008


As every parent is emotionally much attached to their children they easily feel pained or pleased depending on the treatment meted out to them by their children and these emotions get converted either as blessings or curse. Parent's blessings can play a great role in making their children's life successful and peaceful and their curses can do the opposite. Though every parent wish for their children to succeed in life and live happily but when children are not good to them, misbehave and ignore them, develop strained relations and make them feel helpless then the painful emotions emanated by them becomes a curse. These curses go to cosmos as vibrations and remain there till they recreate a similar situation for those, against whom they were emanated and make them suffer. On the other hand if parents are happy with their children and bless them, then a protective shield gets created protecting children from the worst of sufferings which otherwise they would have gone through in life. One must always strive to seek parent's blessings and live happily.- Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


I never realized this fact of attracting curse from parents when they are not happy with us. Somehow I was not going well with my parents and more so after my marriage. I was going through lot of struggle and hurdles in my life, little I realized that these could be because of the negative emotions of my parents towards me and my wife. However thanks to you, after I sought forgiveness from my parents and started looking after them I find lot of peace within me and of course life too has become smooth. My wife also was going through lot of trauma which is no longer there now. I had missed important years of my life having strained relationship with my parents. It's really shame on us that after we grow up and when our parents need us most we turn our heads away from them and leave them in loneliness. This is the time when we must repay them with our respect, care and sense of belongingness. Please pass on this experience of mine to others so that they can learn a lesson and take care of their parents as much as they can.


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