Thanks Giving- a day of offering gratitude

Thanks Giving- a day of offering gratitude


Date : 01 Dec 2010


The recently concluded thanks giving day on 25th Nov has much more significance than what it literally means.

Thanks giving started as a tradition to thank God for bestowing good harvest. This tradition gradually grew into thanking God for all the material and spiritual benefits provided. As time passed thanks giving further grew into a bigger tradition wherein family reunions took place and everybody, whoever had some contribution in an individual?s life, such as parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and God, are thanked.

When we thank somebody and offer gratitude, for whatever reason, we basically get connected to higher level of consciousness as it :

1. Lowers ones Ego

2. Recognizes others contribution

3. Emanates feeling of surrender

4. Helps focus on good aspects of life

5. Helps shed �I' and promotes �You'

Ego, �I'ness and self centered pride etc are the lower forms of consciousness and surrender, thanks etc are higher forms of consciousness. At higher levels of consciousness we get connected to cosmic creative forces and attract things which are beneficial to us. At lower levels of consciousness we get things based on our actions and intellect, but at higher level of consciousness we get things based on cosmic plan, which is a beautiful well balanced plan, beyond what we can comprehend and imagine.

Manifestation of universe is a process of subtle invisible consciousness modifying itself into gross objects, things and beings. Cosmos has its own plan for a beautiful, joyful and harmonious universe but because of the interference of human intellect this plan gets disturbed. Disturbed cosmic plan causes disturbances in external as well as internal world thus making everyone suffer.

Getting connected to higher level of consciousness helps restore the original cosmic plan, if not for everyone, at least for all those who evolve to higher levels and thus they attract peace, joy and other material as well spiritual benefits.

This is the true secret of thanks giving. Let us all, from the deepest level of our heart, thank God, parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, neighbors and all others for the known or unknown contribution they have made in our lives and made it an memorable experience. Let us seek the continuity of their grace and blessings. Let us forget and forgive all the unpleasant past events of life. Let us release intense vibrations of thanks through meditation and see its wonderful effect. Meditative Vibration is an effective language to communicate with the cosmic forces.

- Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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