Wisdom Letters

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Whatever happens, happens for good

Date : 28 Dec 2007THOUGHT FOR CONTEMPLATIONWhatever happens, happens for good.Everything which happe..


Whats new about New Year

Date : 01 Jan 2009 THOUGHT FOR CONTEMPLATIONWhat's New about New Year:Most of the people look at new..


Where does God exists

There was a king who was very pious and spiritual. He had 3 questions about God in his mind and nobo..


Who is that which accompanies us even after death

There was a king who had four wives. He loved his fourth wife the most, as she was young, beautiful ..


Why should we Meditate?

We are bestowed with enormous potential powers within our inner self but because of the ignorance an..


Why worries come true

Why worries come true:Many people had experienced in their lives that whatever they were worried of,..


You are a tourist in this world - remain as a tourist

Date : 13 Dec 2008THOUGHT FOR CONTEMPLATIONYou have been sent to this world as a tourist to look aro..