Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-15

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-15


Q:What is the science of vibrations and how does mind get influenced by it?

A:Whatever we think, feel and speak (good or evil) goes to the Cosmos as vibrations and these vibrations spread in the cosmos, influencing those people towards whom they have been directed. These vibrations make people respond favorably or unfavorably based on the signal the vibrations have generated.Positive attitude towards others help generate positive vibrations in others minds, protecting us from unknown destructive forces. Negative attitude towards others generate destructive vibrations from other's minds causing immense damage to us mentally and materially. It also upsets the equilibrium state of mind and makes it more negative. One must shed negative attitude altogether for one's own benefit.

Q:How to establish in the state of meditation? What is the best technique, time and place of meditation?

A: Ramana Maharshi said 'the best way to establish in meditation is through meditation itself'. Along with regular practice of meditation one should have positive approach to life, accept things as they are, make bare minimum negative reactions and be happy all the time as well as spread happiness all around.Any technique which suits your nature is fine for meditation. You can try to meditate on breath, on a mantra, on an object or on any form of god, on empty space or just by witnessing thoughts. You can also meditate on your body, on your five senses, on the lotus in your heart or on shat chakras (kundalini yoga).The best time to meditate is early morning (before sunrise) and late night (just before sleep). You can also meditate at other time whenever you are free. Try to meditate, for short spells (say for 1 or 2 minutes), at least 2/3 times during the day. You can choose any place to meditate which is free of disturbance and where you feel comfortable.

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