Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-14

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-14


Q: How to get rid of negativity?

A:Do not talk, think, feel or imagine negatively about others or yourself in any circumstances whatsoever. When the mind becomes negative it gets tuned to negative frequencies resulting in attracting wrong people and unwanted situations in life. Make conscious effort to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts as and when they arise. Extraordinary results will appear within not more than 30 days.

Q:How can mind be taken to higher levels of consciousness to enable us to experience the unseen, unheard secrets of creation?

A:The thoughtless state of mind (or say mindless state of consciousness) is capable of unraveling the mysteries of creation. This state could be achieved through meditation, contemplation, comprehension, pure devotion, total surrender, Kriya yoga and other such spiritual practices.

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