Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-13

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-13


Q:Why are there so many ups and downs in life? Why can't the life be smooth?

A:Life as such does not have any ups and downs but it is we who create those high and low peaks of emotions in life by our swinging moods and wrong behaviour. We do not bother to keep a check on our attitude and behaviour. We allow negative aspects of our mind to rule over the positive aspects and thus suffer. Life can be smooth if you keep your inner self cool and calm, do not react negatively to any situation, trust people, reduce expectations and be content with whatever you get in life.

Q:When somebody harms us shouldn't we retaliate?

A: No, you must never retaliate nor ever feel to take revenge. You must accept the fact that it is some action of yours, in the past, which forced the other person to harm you and he is only a medium to make you suffer. Remain calm, pray to god for the wellbeing of the person and be positive that whatever has happened happened for good. Automatic correction will start taking place in your life.

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