Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-12

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-12


Q:How do I deal with my old parents when they irritate me with their behavior and mess up things?

A:You must remember how much your parents had to bear you when you used to mess up things in your childhood. Secondly you seem to have expected some change in the attitude of your parents towards you as you have grown up and that is irritating you more than the actual behavior of your parents. You must realize that parents are forever parents and for them their children are forever children. Very few parents change in their old age as demanded by the changed times. Expecting them to change or advising them to change or pointing out their mistakes itself is a big mistake and is the main cause for our irritation.

Look at your old parents as children but respect them as elders. Do not mind their messing up of things and not expect too much of etiquettes from them. Don't ill treat your parents just because they could not present themselves properly before your friends/colleagues. Just try to enjoy as they are, remain positive towards them, give them their due respect and then see how much they love and bless you. Your unconditional love towards your parents will get you lot of respect in society and among friends.

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