Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-11

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-11


Q: Mind has a natural tendency to be negative. How can we develop positive attitude? It does not seem to be easy?

A:Negativity acts as a gravitational force for the mind. Effortlessly it gets attracted towards negativity and develops negative attitude for everything without realizing the repercussions.You have to consciously put intense efforts to fight the pulls from negative forces. You have to start becoming extra positive to counter the long lasting negative impressions on the mind, even if that is painful in the short term.

Focus on the Positive aspect in everybody and in everything.

  1. Stop doubting your success.
  2. Be happy with others growth.
  3. Stop being pessimistic.
  4. Accept failures, pains and impediments with folded hands.
  5. Seek happiness in others happiness.
  6. Stop being selfish, egoistic and greedy.

Apologize and thank mentally, all those people who give you pains and sufferings (as they were forced to become a medium, to give you the result of your own deeds).

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