Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-10

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-10


Q: How to avoid and protect ourselves from curses?


  1. Always try to be humble and ensure not to hurt, insult, let down or belittle anybody.
  2. Avoid unnecessary arguments, conflicts and frictions.
  3. Do not betray or backstab anybody.
  4. Never make elders feel miserable or helpless. They may wish similar situation for you.
  5. Reduce negativity and empower your positivity.
  6. Meditate Regularly and
  7. Most importantly seek forgiveness from every being in the creation who is knownto be emanating negativity against you.

Q:It�s quite difficult to bless others especially somebody from outside the family. Is there any technique to empower our blessings?

A: Saints and Scriptures have said that one who cannot bless cannot receive blessings. Most of the time if we cannot bless others it is because we cannot see their well being and progress. Our ego, jealousy, superior or inferiority complex holds us from blessing others. Start blessing everybody with highest intensity(imagining the progress of the other person) and see what change it brings in your life. Let your blessings be genuine and from bottom of your heart, feel happy in others growth and you will start attracting cosmic blessings.

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