Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-07

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-07


Q- Dear sir, What is the best way to be remain in �NOW moment� constantly?

A: The best way to remain in NOW (Present) is through this mantra �Low Expectations and High Acceptance�. Accept everything, good and bad, right and wrong, favorable and unfavorable as gift of God.

Q:How do we know which situation is based on our prarabdh karma and which ones are based on new karmas? Can we control or neutralize our prarabdh karma?

A: Your taking birth in a particular family and to particular parents is based on your prarabdh karma. Your brothers, sisters, children, wife etc are also based on your prarabdh karma. Many of your problems, troubles in life and strained relationship is due to your prarabdh karma. Untimely and unnatural deaths, major accidents, separations, losses etc could also be due to prarabdh karma. However your present life actions (deeds) could have made difference in the intensity of the situation. It is very difficult to pin point as to which situation is based on prarabdh karma and which one is based on new karma but know that every situation has some connection to prarabdh karma.

The method with which you can reduce the intensity of your prarabdh karma is:

(1) Accept all life situations as result of your past karma.

(2) Do not feel sorrowful in unfavorable situations as it increases the intensity of your prarabdh karma .

(3) Emanate positive vibes towards everybody, even towards those people who make you suffer and give you pain.

(4) Seek forgiveness from all beings in the world for your known and unknown misbehavior with them.

(5) Perform present deeds with positive attitude as they can reduce the intensityof past deeds or modify them. Your deeds should be such that it gives pleasure,happiness and peace to all beings in the universe.(6) Never get perturbed with anything in life.

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