Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-05

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-05


Q:When somebody insults us or hurts our feelings how can we not think ill about them and teach them a lesson?

A: Teaching a lesson can only satisfy your ego but it would not bring any good thing in your life. The more you feel ill about others the more you get disturbed and your own vibrations hits back on you. Your relationship gets further strained and you attract unnecessary negativity of others. Ultimately you are only the loser. You lose peace, health, and precious moments of life and many opportunities of happiness which otherwise were waiting to enter your life

Q: What is the difference between Pure Soul and Pure Consciousness?

A:Pure Soul and Pure Consciousness are two different things. Pure consciousness is the formless, omnipresent and eternal energy through which entire creation is manifested.Soul is an individual entity consisting of Mind, Wisdom, Ego, consciousness, five senses, five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) etc. Soul is not eternal.It is in bondage of birth, death and rebirth based on its deeds until it gets enlightened and merges in its original source that is Pure Consciousness.A soul which performs good/pious actions, helps others, loves every creature in the world equally, always remains in a state of gratitude and meditates regularly can be said to be a pure soul. Pure Consciousness is formless energy which does not perform any action nor it is bound by birth and death cycle.A pure soul by constantly meditating on Pure consciousness merges with it and after the physical body dies becomes one with the Pure Consciousness.

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