Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-03

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-03


Q:How to control unnecessary thoughts and increase the creative power of thoughts?

A: The best way to control, reduce negativity and increase the creative power of thought is through MEDITATION. Practice meditation regularly, forgive and seek forgiveness from all beings in the creation during meditation, replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and start emanating positive thoughts towards everybody in the creation including towards people with whom you are not in best of terms. Your positive emotions will empower your thoughts.

Q:What is the significance of rituals such as pooja, homa, aarti, yagna, fasting etc. during religious festivals?

A: Rituals are designed to help invoke the power of our emotions during various festivals as on those particular days (days of festivals), the whole universe is in a particular format and our rishis and munis have devised rituals so as to format our emotions and synchronize them with the format of the universe. If one is able to emanate required emotions with required intensity then one need not really follow any rituals.

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