Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-02

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-02


Q:When I am suffering how can I see good in that?


1. You do not know how big your suffering could have been hence, see the protection and feel good.

2. Your feeling sorrowful cannot help you overcome a bad situation or a problem but seeing something good in it can attract good things in life�� as per law of attraction.

3. When you feel bad and suffer you close the doors for newer opportunities to enter your life which may be just waiting outside the door.

4. Suffering increases when you feel the suffering and reduces when you see good in that Swamy Poornananda once said:

'Let fate make you a beggar but have firm conviction that the same fatehas to face defeat when it cannot make you feel so.'

Q:Even though I want to be happy yet people around me disturb me often. How can I make them change their attitude?

A: It is not only difficult to change others but it is also foolish to expect others to change. If we want to be happy then we must change ourselves. Once we change,then automatically the whole world changes for us. It is our perception that matters for our happiness. Changing ourselves is easier than changing others.

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