Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-01

Gurujis Gyan-Weekly-01


Q:From where we have come to this world and what is the purpose of this life? Why life is so complicated?

A: We are part and parcel of the natural universal manifestation process and are meant to live in harmony with nature and dissolve back in the same nature. But because of the mental faculty of thinking, imagining and feeling we gather impressions on our mind. These impressions become the cause for our rebirth in this world. The software in the cosmos is such that it keeps the mind alive till it has impressions in it and till mind becomes desire-less. Since our impressions and desires never become zero we remain caught in the vicious cycle of birth, death and rebirth thus suffer the consequences.

Q:Can a mere new year resolution help change our life?

A: If the resolution is sincere and is to follow and not to break then it can have the desired results. You must follow your resolution to such an extent that howevermuch you lose or suffer you do not break it then you are bound to be the winner at the end. You might be tested for your sincerity and patience through adversesituations and if you pass, you pass in life too. At the end of the year you will have great satisfaction and new year will make you more confident, happy and successful.

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