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Life is a dream

Date : 12 Mar 2011

Our life is not a real life but is a state of dream. All that which we are experiencing in this life is not real but is an experience of dream. However this fact does not get accepted till we wake up from this dream and waking up from this dream means soul waking up in the space all alone after the death of the physical body.

Every night we get into a state of dream and during dream we are not aware that we are dreaming and the experiences in dream are real experiences till we come out of dream. While we are dreaming we are not aware that we are sleeping on the bed and dreaming. That fact is known only when we wake up. Similarly this life too is a dream, though it does not appear to be so, but this fact gets realized when we die and the soul leaves the body.

Our night's dream is deemed to be dream only after we wake up in the morning and that too because sub conscious mind is aware that the person who slept in the night is the same person who woke up, so a continuity of the persons existence is established. In the same way when we die and leave the body we (the soul) suddenly finds itself all alone in the space without physical body and without spouse, parents, children, family members, house, car, friends, society and the material world which existed before death. This state of the soul, being all alone in the space, is the same as it was before its birth and hence the continuity of its lonely existence without physical body gets established and the remembrances of life incidents become a dream. It laughs itself when life incidents gets flashed and it remembers its parents, spouse, children and the house, car, job etc which it owned as something happened in the dream and not real. It knows that nobody exists other than him and no gross body or any gross world exists in reality.

Living in the world for 70/80/90 years would seem to be only for short spell of time for the soul in space. This is similar to a dream in the night, where thousands of kilometers would have been travelled or a child would have grown into an adult in a span of few minutes of our time scale zone. This happens because of the difference in frequency of consciousness in awakened state, dream state and non-physical soul state.

In reality, our existence is only in dreams. We, as soul in the space, dream of life in this world (birth to death) and we as human beings in this world dream something else when we fall asleep. In the dream also we may get into another dream state.

So, as nothing is real and permanent in the whole existence of this universe why should we fear, worry and be anxious of anything. Why should we repent for the past and worry for the future. All is going to pass one day as dream including favorable and unfavorable situations, circumstances, people and ourselves. In fact, if we look at our life in retrospect, everything will look as dream. Our childhood, school days, marriage, death of family member, job, retirement, loss, profit, sickness, strained and cordial relationships, entertainment etc all will look like dream. They may be good or bad dreams, joy giving or scary dreams but all those events having passed are dreams and have no existence. Similarly all that which is presently going on will become a dream in future.

Eventually one day when we get Spiritually Enlightened we would experience and realize that we were bound to dreams and got liberated from dreams. Nothing was real and nothing is real. Reality is only one and that is our existence as Pure Self- formless and eternal Consciousness.

One can straight away achieve this enlightened state if one can constantly remain aware, all the time, of being in a dream state. Witnessing everything as happening in dream and not reacting negatively to any situation, knowing pretty well that nothing is permanent and nothing needs to be taken seriously. Even if one does not achieve enlightened state, at least one can make this life a good dream to remember and enjoy in retrospect.

- Guruji 
Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Life is a mixture & Where is God

Date : 14 Oct 2007

Life is a mixture of:
Unfortunately most of the people focus on the negative aspect of life and thus feel miserable. Stop and start focusing on the positive aspects of life, life will be different from that moment onwards.- 
Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji
'Your weekly news letter is a kind of tonic to me for keeping my spirits high. Simple things in your letter inspire me a lot. Every week on Friday I look for your email before I start my work at office.I am enjoying my life a lot better than I use to, after I met you couple of months back. You can not believe me, my wife observed the change in me and feeling strange. I use to pick up quarrel for simple and silly things, I over come all those now.

The bottom line is I am a different person now. All the credit goes to you. I wish and pray God to give you strength to inspire more people who are leading miserable life.'

- Ram

  Question and Answers
Q:Where is God?A:

Where it is not?
There is no place where it does not exist. If you comprehend god in some form then you have to see that god within every being and every object. If you comprehend god as formless divine energy then you have to see every being and every object as modified/manifested form of the same formless omnipresent divine energy. Feel its presence every where, in every form and you will transcend the miseries of the world.


Life is like a train journey

Date : 07 May 2011


Our life is similar to a train journey. A train is continuously on the move without any starting station or a destination. We board the train at some station and join existing passengers travelling from earlier stations. We travel with them for some distance and some passenger gets down at some station and some new passengers join us at that station or another station. We also get down at some other station and rest of the passengers continues with their journey. This boarding and disembarking goes on and on, similar to life which goes on and on.


Taking birth in a family and joining existing family members is like boarding a train at some station and joining other passengers who are already in the midst of their journey. These existing passengers travelling in the train with different nature, age, background and attitude are comparable to the existing family members with different nature, age and attitude. Some are good, friendly and affectionate, others are not bothered and some are rude and arrogant. As we have no other option than to travel and adjust with existing passengers having boarded the train, we would have no option other than to adjust with family members in real life too.


During our journey one of the existing passengers may disembark at some station which signifies one of the family members has died. The passenger who has disembarked will catch another train going towards another direction means that the family member who has died will take rebirth to join another family to continue his life journey in a new direction.


In the train journey, we do not develop any attachment or enmity towards passengers even though we like some and do not like others, because we know that the journey with co passengers is temporary and would come to an end sooner or later. However, in real life too, even though we know that the life journey is temporary, as birth and death is inevitable, yet we develop undue attachment with those who are good and friendly with us and develop aversion, enmity, hatred towards others who are not good to us. This attachment and aversion is the major cause for all the pains and pleasures in our life.


If there could be constant awareness about this fact of life journey comparable to a train journey, and joining and separation as the basic ingredient of this journey, we would not develop undue attachment or aversion with anybody irrespective of their being good or otherwise. Our life journey would have no peaks of high and low emotions. The sense of duties and responsibilities will prevail over expectations and disappointments. Forebear and Forgive will become an indispensable part of one's attitude. Negative reactions would cease as the sub-conscious impression of EVERYTHING BEING TEMPORARY will be at the center stage of our behaviour and attitude. Our focus will shift towards our own SELF, the Divine Self. This shift will eventually make our life journey a memorable and enjoyable one.




- Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Life is what your attitude is !

 Date : 09 Jun 2009


Every event which takes place in our life is nothing but the materialization of our own attitude. Our positive or negative attitude towards life, family, job, business, colleagues, problems, situations and circumstances is only responsible for all that which happens in our life. If one can witness ones life, with unbiased mind, one can relate many of life events to past attitude towards a person, situation or the self.In every situation of life, you will have two choices of attitude to make. The negative and the positive. Your choice will determine future life events. If you sow the seed of a thorny tree, you cannot reap mangoes.

So, stop blaming others for all the wrong things happening in your life, as it is you and you alone who is responsible, for every single event in your life. Keep a check on your attitude. Your attitude shapes your life.

Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

  Experience Sharing
  1. Whenever I scold somebody, I get pains in my stomach and after I apologize my pain vanishes.2. One day I had a fight with one of my supervisor in my factory. I abused him and thrown him out of the job. I continued to be negative against him for several days, as I couldn't forget the incidence. Couple of days later there was a major breakdown in my factory and production came to standstill. I tried everything to get things right but nothing worked.After attending your program, I mentally sought forgiveness from that supervisor and changed my attitude towards him. I experienced a rare phenomenon. Those machines which broke down started working as before. After this incident I could co-relate several things happening in my life to my attitude. Having realized the importance of my attitude in my life, I have started achieving greater success than before.

 Question and Answer:

Q:Mind has a natural tendency to be negative. How can we develop positive attitude? It does not seem to be easy?A:Negativity acts as a gravitational force for the mind. Effortlessly it gets attracted towards negativity and develops negative attitude for everything without realizing the repercussions.You have to consciously put intense efforts to fight the pulls from negative forces. You have to start becoming extra positive to counter the long lasting negative impressions on the mind, even if that is painful in the short term.

  • Focus on Positive aspect in everybody and in everything.

  • Stop doubting on your success.

  • Be happy with others growth.

  • Stop being pessimistic.

  • Accept failures, pains and impediments with folded hands.

  • Seek happiness in others happiness.

  • Stop being selfish, egoistic and greedy.

  • Apologize and thank mentally, all those people who give you pains and sufferings (as they were forced to become a medium, to give you the result of your deeds).



Life lessons from a Flute

Our life is like a flute. As flute has many holes, our life too has many holes (stress, failures, moods, imperfection, disappointment etc). Unless we know how to play the flute of life, it can be harsh on us.


Lord Krishna’s favorite musical instrument was a flute. His flute teaches us 3 important life lessons and whoever can incorporate these into their lives, can live happily and even progress easily towards salvation. These three life lessons are;


1. Flute speaks only when we want it to speak.

2. Whenever it speaks, it speaks  sweetly  and

3. It always remains empty inside.


If these three qualities of flute are incorporated and implemented in life, life can be a pleasant experience like the music of flute.  


1. First life lesson from flute is to speak only when you are required to speak. Do not to speak when not required, not desired and when not necessary. Do not give advice when not asked for, never project your intelligence or boast about your success. You should speak based on what situation and circumstance demand. People, who speak unnecessarily, unrelated and not in harmony with the situation attract a lot of negativity. They spend their life fighting with these negativities and thus lead a miserable life.


2. Second life lesson from the flute is whenever you speak, speak sweetly. Whenever we are required to speak we should speak only that which gives happiness to others, we should avoid speaking unpleasant words and in a harsh tone. Even if we are required to speak some truth, which could be unpleasant for the other person, then too it should be spoken carefully in such a manner that it is not offending and insulting.


3. The third life lesson from the flute is to always remain empty inside. This means that we should not remember the painful past, not be anxious about the future, and not unnecessarily condition our mind with fixed ideas, perception, behavior and attitude. Mind filled with such garbage weakens our inner potential power and spoils the joy of our present.


Empty mind is peaceful. Peaceful mind is joyful and a joyful mind enjoys life itself as well as helps others enjoy it too.


Learn to live life like flute and learn to play pleasant  music out of it. Not only it will be soothing for you but it will soothe the whole environment too as the flute played by Lord Krishna used to soothe the whole universe.

- Sadguru Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

Life lessons from Bedroom

One day morning when I woke up and was just looking at various things in my room I felt as if everything there was talking to me and giving me some lessons for life. They were so motivating that I felt I should share them with others.

  • Fan said...... Spread happiness.

  • Air conditioner said... Even if you are hot inside yet give coolness to others.

  • Pillow said... Give comfort to everyone even if you are pressed hard.

  • Window said... Look outside yourself and do not confine yourself to the four walls of selfishness.

  • Door said... Keep the doors of your mind open for fresh opportunities to flow in.

  • Mirror said... Look at yourself before criticizing others.

  • T.V said... Your life is only one episode of a serial, whatever good or bad you do, it will reflect in future episodes.

  • Roof said... Always look up in life instead of focusing on the small dust particles of pains and turbulences below.

  • News paper said... We are worth only in the present, past has no value.

  • Clock said... Time is running away, realize your true Existence at the earliest and enjoy eternal peace.

  • Carpet said... Lean to tolerate. Be soft even to those who stamp on you.

  • Child said... Let the child in you remain alive till you die.

  • Wife said... Learn to sacrifice your life for others.

Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

Life vs Death

Date : 04 Mar 2008

Life is the path to death and death is an opportunity for new life. Depending on the kind of life one lives, he or she experiences pain or peace at the time of death. Depending on the impressions and experiences at the time of death, the next life is created. Try to live an ideal life, learn to die peacefully and create next life of your choice. Your destiny is in your hands.- Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji
'I was a person with some unknown fear and high anxiety levels. I used to get scary night and day dreams. Quite negative was my approach. I realized through your program that I may be unnecessarily inviting a bad future as well a stupid next birth. After turning positive and taking life as it comes plus regular meditation I find I am relieved of a big dead load from my head. I am very peaceful these days and have dreamless sleep.
  Question and Answers
Q:What happens during and after death?A: During death, the soul remembers all the deep rooted incidents of life and leaves the body with the most happiest and terrifying impressions. After death and before the soul gets another body it remains in a dream state where it suffers and enjoys the good and bad impressions of his life, fulfills unfulfilled desires and travels in the future. From this state the soul enters a womb (upon getting a suitable body) and tries to wake up from its dream state but since it is physically not fit (in the womb) it cannot wake up and thus suffers. When the soul takes birth as a new born baby, it remembers its past birth for a fraction of second but forgets everything immediately when the new brain takes control of the moments of the physical body and thus it cries.

Maha Shivratri Special

Conversation between Shiva and Shakti:


Hindu tantras are discourses between Shiva and Shakti, the male and female (static and dynamic consciousness) aspects of the Divine Creative Forces whose play creates the entire universe.


Through the following conversation one gets to know some secrets of the manifestation, sustenance and dissolution of the universe and on which if one can contemplate, one can achieve enlightenment.


Shakti: Oh Deva! From where does the creation comes and where does it return? What is the Brahma Jnana beyond creation and destruction?


Shiva: Creation comes from Void (nothingness, shunya, pure consciousness) that which is beyond words (avyakta) and returns to the same void at the time of destruction. Brahma Jnana (self knowledge, enlightenment) is the knowledge of this Void, Pure consciousness which is beyond creation and destruction.


Self-knowledge is the cause of happiness and liberation for a man, not dharma(religion), not karma (action) and not the reciting of mantra.


Just as there is potential for fire in wood, as there is scent in flower and nectar in water, so in the center of the human frame is the Void, Self, Pure consciousness, devoid of good or bad.


Shakti: Tell me of the nature of speech. How is it produced and how is it dissolved?


Shiva: Vital breath (Life force, Prana) comes from the Void, mind arises from vital breath. Speech comes from mind and is dissolved into mind


Shakti: What wants to eat? What wants to drink? What stays awake in waking, dream and deep sleep?


Shiva: Vital breath wants food. Food is consumed by fire. Vital breath is awake during waking, dream and deep sleep.


Shakti: What causes karma? What causes bad deeds? Who does bad deeds? How is one liberated from bad deeds?


Shiva said-The mind is the cause for karma and that only does good and bad deeds. The mind is stained by bad deeds. That mind, having become Pure Conscious Self, does neither good nor bad.


Shakti: How does an embodied soul (jiva) become Shiva? What is cause and effect? Speak to me, of your grace!


Shiva said- Bound by delusion is jiva, freed from delusion is Shiva(Pure Consciousness). You (Dynamic consciousness) represented by actions and reactions is cause and effect. Enlightenment is different from you.


After churning the Vedas and all the scriptures, the Yogis have extracted their essence (Butter), leaving the intellectuals (pundits) to drink the butter milk which remains.


Shakti: What is Shakti (Dynamic Consciousness) and what is Shiva(Static Consciousness). Tell me about this! Please reveal the nature of Jnana (knowledge)!


Shiva: Shakti dwells in the moving mind and Siva dwells in the steady mind. He who is established in the steady mind becomes accomplished while living in the body.


Those seated in a steady position, who meditate daily and are free of worries and imaginings, are Yogis and not otherwise, said Shiva.


Whoever hears this or reads this every day becomes pure and free of all problems and resides in the Shiva heaven.



- Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

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