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Guru, inner guru

Date : 16 Mar 2008

Who should be your Guru?
Your Inner Self should be your Guru. Inner self keeps guiding you at every stage of life but since the fickle and unstable mind is preoccupied with numerous thoughts you cannot hear your Inner self. To reach and be able to hear your Inner self you may need an external Guru, a Guru in physical form who can help you reach your Inner self. You must surrender to such Guru through unequivocal faith and get help in invoking your Inner self.- 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji
‘I never had any faith in anybody as a guru. After interacting with you and overcoming hurdles if life I feel I found a guide, a friend and a companion in you. Whenever I need guidance, I remember you and in no time I get some solution from within. I do not know what state is this but a learned man recently told me that your inner self has been invoked and that is guiding you. Please continue to have your grace on me Ramesh bhaiji.
  Question and Answers

Q:Should we have only one guru or we can have many gurus?A: Your main Guru should be your Inner Self (inner conscience or inner guru) and obviously the inner Guru can be only one but in the external world you can have several gurus. Whoever liberates you from ignorance, gives you higher knowledge, good advice and from whom you can learn life and spiritual lessons can be your guru. Lord dattatreya had 24 Gurus. He said

'I have taken shelter with twenty-four gurus: the earth, air, sky, water, fire, moon, sun, pigeon, python; the ocean, moth, honeybee, elephant, the deer, the fish, the prostitute Pingala, the kurara bird (Hawk), the child; the young girl, arrow maker, serpent, spider and the wasp. My dear King, by studying their activities I have learned the science of the self.'

If you keep your mind open and sincerely seek the company of an enlightened Guru, you will come across a Guru suitable to you.

Always be simple, pure and courteous and have faith in your guru. In the company of a real guru your mind will always feel calm, relaxed and composed. When you remember him you feel ecstasy and get automatic answers to your questions. Even though you may have many questions to ask but when you are face to face with your guru you may go blank. These are some of the guiding factors to know that you are in the right company and in the company of an enlightened guru. Everyday pay your reverence and offer gratitude to your Guru as he can invoke your inner self and open the gates to your enlightenment.



Date : 05 May 2010
Happiest person is not one who gets the best of everything in life but is one who makes the best of everything he gets.

Happiness is of two types. One is Conditioned Happiness and the other is Unconditioned Eternal Happiness. Conditioned happiness is based on situation. If the situation is favorable and congenial you feel happy or else you feel bad. When you are appreciated or you have financial gain or you buy a new house or you go on a holiday or children obey you or you have been bought a gift, all such favorable things make you happy. And when the situation is unfavorable such as job loss, friction with the spouse, ill health, insult, things not happening as expected you would feel sad.

In Unconditioned Eternal Happiness one is always in a state of happiness unbothered of profit or loss, good or bad situation, appreciated or blamed and busy at work place or on a holiday. In this state of unconditioned eternal happiness one's focus is on the Inner Being. While focusing on the Inner Being one does not get affected by external happenings. Favorable and unfavorable situations are observed as mere situations without any analysis or judgement. One's acceptance levels are so high that every situation is accepted as a gift from God and in every situation one feels positive. One sees profit after loss, sees a chance to relax in sickness and sees loss of job as opening for a new opportunity.

Through regular Meditation, knowledge of Inner Being and conscious effort to remain in an equilibrium state in all situations of life, one gets to establish himself in a state of unconditioned eternal happiness. One always feels light, energetic, lively and joyful in this state. Remaining established in this state, one attracts all the good vibes from cosmos. This state may automatically invoke one's powers of higher consciousness such as intuition, clairvoyance, divination, foreknowledge, telepathy etc.

Let the goal of life be to establish in such a state of Unconditioned Eternal Happiness and live life happily thereafter!


- Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji



Date : 07 Feb 2009


Happiness is a state of mind rather than a state of situation. People, situations and circumstances do not bring happiness or sorrows along with them but it is we who look for happiness in them. One can be happy in any given situation if the mind is accordingly programmed. Nobody can make us unhappy without our permission. It is our rigid attitude, expectations, ego and inability to let go off things that make us repeatedly unhappy rather than others misbehavior or unfavorable situations being the cause.

 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

  A Motivational Movie

Please watch this 2 minute motivational movie through the following link.

  Question and Answers

Q:Even though I try to be happy all the time yet people around me make me unhappy. What should I do?A: Nobody in this creation has the powers to make you unhappy unless you yourself become unhappy. Try to avoid all those people and situations whenever you feel your inner peace may get disturbed. Develop ‘take it easy’ attitude and enough flexibility to bend down whenever wind is blowing against you. Follow these concepts and live happily forever.




Hardened Ego, the main obstruction in the union with Param Atma

Date : 19 June 2010


As solid Ice cannot merge with water unless it melts into water, Human Being (Individual souls) cannot merge with Divine Being (Supreme soul) unless its Ego melts. 

The only obstruction in the merging of Jiva Atma (individual soul) to Param Atma (Supreme soul) is the EGO, the feeling of being an independent entity. This feeling of a separate entity, other than the Supreme Being, is what keeps the Jiva Atma bound to the world and forces it to go through the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.


This Ego of being an independent entity keeps getting stronger and stronger and solidifies with the earning of wealth, status, name, fame, false pride, anger, jealousy, revenge, intelligence and knowledge. Until this Ego remains solidified one cannot experience one's own true state of being Param Atma. Remaining away from this reality, one suffers in the world.


Jiva Atma (Individual soul) which manifests from Param Atma(Supreme soul) to enjoy the creation and merge back into it, gets caught into the mighty Ego while it is in the human body in the last leg of its journey.


Only when this Ego starts melting, cleansing of Jiva Atma takes place and when it melts fully, Jiva Atma becomes pure and it gushes towards Param Atma. Magnetic attraction gets created between Param Atma and Jiva Atma, similar to what happens when snow melts on the mountains and it gets converted into river. The river gushes towards the ocean and does not rest till it merges with it. In spite of various obstructions in the path of the river, it does not stop from flowing towards the ocean. To avoid obstructions it does not mind changing its path or going under ground or splitting itself into small streams so as to eventually merge with the ocean.


When the Ego melts, Jiva Atma becomes pure, humble, loving and caring. It becomes free of anger, jealousy or revenge and drops its false pride. As it becomes purer and its purity matches with the purity of Param Atma, the magnetic force of Param Atma becomes intense to attract Jiva Atma. Then all the actions of Jiva Atma naturally become such (devotion, meditation, contemplation etc) that all the time it revolves around the supreme Param Atma. Such intensity help it over come all the obstructions and eventually create the ultimate union with Param Atma.


-Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Harmony in Husband and Wife Relationship

Harmony in Husband and Wife Relationship:


Tips for Husband to make a successful marriage


  • Generally women bother for small and overlook big things. Husband shouldn't overlook these small things. Satisfy small desires of wife.


  • Try to know what gestures makes her happy. Make them.


  • Allot some time exclusive for your wife and children.


  • Talk to your wife the subject in which she is also interested


  • Respect wife's opinions/judgement, even though conflicting with yours


  • Do not make them feel insulted before others by lose talk


  • Husband to realize limited wife's exposure to the world and adjust with her limitations


  • Appreciate her for her good looks, dress, food etc.


  • At times appreciate for her contribution in your life before your parents 


  • Husband to realize the motherhood in wife and give some margins for her motherly attitude even towards husband


  • Husband to realize biological changes occurring in the body of wife and not get provoked or provoke during those periods.


Tips for wife to make a successful marriage:


  • Wife not to challenge the status of husband


  • Unnecessarily do not presume anything and allow miscommunication. Talk out freely 


  • Respect your in-laws, husband likes it  


  • As far as possible don't interfere in matters between your husband and his parents. Don't criticize his siblings


  • Don't feel insecure if your husband loves his parents and spends time with them


  • Husband should have interest in coming back home early. Create congenial atmosphere.


  • Don't  shoot list of complaints on your husband the moment he is back home. Wait for opportune time. Talk to him all that which he likes.


  • Don't treat your husband like a child and scold him. Realize the adult in him and the ego of a man.


  • See off your husband with a smile in the morning and receive him with a smile in the evening.


  • Give due respect to his physical relationship needs.

Holi Special - Holika Dahan

Date : 27 Feb 2010


Holi is a festival of colours and celebrated with vigour, joy and enthusiasm all over India. The day preceding Holi is called 'Holika Dahan' wherein Bonfire is lit with wood, rags and other waste material.Holika, a demoness (sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu), was ordered to kill Prahlad (Son of Hiranyakashipu). Prahlad was an ardent worshipper of Lord Narayana (the supreme God in Hindu tradition) against the will of his father who wanted Prahlad to worship him instead of Narayana. Holika made Prahlad sit on her lap and then sat on a pyre of fire. She covered herself with a fire protective shawl. Non fearful of the fire, Prahlad immensely merged in the recitation of divine name 'Lord Narayana'. The divine intervention came in the form of strong blow of wind which took off the fire protective shawl from Holika and covered Prahalad thus Holika got burnt to ashes and Prahalad remained unscathed.

The essence of knowledge in this mythological story is (1) All those who try to cause damage or pains to others have to suffer themselves the repercussions of their own ill action (negative vibrations rebounds) and (2) Those who fearlessly surrender to the will of God remain protected and unscathed.

Holi, in reality, should be celebrated by burning the demoness Holika sitting inside us in the form of anger, revenge, jealousy, ego, false pride of name, fame and wealth, phobias, past unpleasant incidents etc. and by unstintingly surrendering to the will of God.

Technique to burn these demonic qualities: Sit in Meditation, take couple of slow breaths and imagine fire at the base of spinal cord (Mooladhara Chakra). Imagine one by one the demonic qualities which you want to get rid off and offer them into the fire. See yourself getting rid of them as they are burnt in the fire and feel happy.

If this technique is practiced with belief and high intensity you will permanently get rid of all the demonic qualities and your mind will become pure.

- Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji



Human Birth, a transmigration stage

Date : 06 June 2011


Transmigration is a stage in between two stages.

We were born millions of years ago as souls and have taken birth in physical bodies of millions of different species including human species. Every time we take birth in a physical body, it is to be understood as a transmigration stage, as after death we (the soul) would get into another physical body of any other species. This means there is no permanency in any body and we cannot be guaranteed a human body all the time.

We must have no Ego whatsoever of being a human being. It is only that temporarily we are in this body and nobody knows what we would be in our next birth........ a monkey, a donkey, a bird, a snake or a fish. We could be a mosquito, a bacteria or a cancer cell in somebody's body (may be in a body of a person who has been our own relative in the past birth) and kill the same person.

The false pride of being wealthy, healthy, intelligent, having a high status, position and knowledge is all temporary and that too is a transmigration stage. Before we had acquired these things they belonged to somebody else and after us they will belong to others. We possess these things temporarily but develop a permanent ego. And the rule is temporary things will give temporary pleasure; permanent things will give permanent happiness.

As our body itself is temporary, everything which is related, connected and acquired by the body is temporary too. We will leave all things including the body behind, while carrying on with our journey beyond death.

But if we can acquire what is permanent, while we are in a human body, then we can put a full stop to our journey from body to body. We can live the life of a liberated soul till the body is alive and remain liberated even after we leave the body.

And now the search has to begin as to what is that which is permanent. And by acquiring that, we get permanent happiness as well we can live the life of a liberated soul while we are alive and after death too! research! Find out who you are? What is your true identity? From where have you come? Where will you go after death? What is the purpose of your coming into existence in this world? Etc. The answers to these questions will take you to that, which is permanent and eternal in this creation.

Find out answers to these questions, as quickly as possible, if you wish to live the life of a liberated soul (enlightened soul). The world is different when it is lived and experienced in an ignorant state and is different in an enlightened state. Establish yourself in the true enlightened state and experience the difference yourself.

- Guruji  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji



Whatever we do, we expect  result  based on our own time frame but when the result does not come based on our time frame, we get disappointed and depressed. 

There is always a clash between our time frame and cosmic time frame. Our time frame is fixed by our finite and limited intellect (Selfish and short sighted) but cosmic time frame gets fixed based on infinite and unlimited cosmic intellect (Selfless and long sighted).

Have faith in cosmic time frame for the results of your efforts. Put sincere efforts and leave the rest to cosmos to decide what is good, when it is good and how it is good for you. You will always enjoy Goodness in Life.

- Sadguru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

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