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Cosmic Law of Attraction

 Date : 09 Aug 2007


"As per the Cosmic Law of Attraction -
Negative mind attracts negative people, negative situations and negative cosmic vibrations. Positive mind attracts positive people, positive situations and positive vibrations. Be positive all the time and enjoy the power of cosmic positivity"- 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


"I can't tell you that how many people were talking about your presentation. You are so young but have so much of wisdom. We have great appreciation and admiration for you""I think your message is right on the target"

"I was very glad that i could make it to attend that workshop in Houston and started thinking positive and the power of imagination"

"It was a most enjoyable afternoon for me personally because Mr. Jain could articulate it to a level using simple language which people in "hurried" state can comprehend and act on"

  Question and Answers

Q: Making "conscious effort to replace negative with positive thoughts" - will this not cause suppression?

A: Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts is not suppression. It acts to change the neural network of the mind which was allowed to think negatively at its whims and fancies. With the conscious effort of positive thinking (we are not trying to stop thoughts from coming) mind gets tuned to positivity and in a short time, it would effortlessly, start thinking positive.

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Death and Life-the only two realities of this world

Date : 07 Jul 2011


There are only two eternal realities in this world and nobody (not even God) and under no circumstances that can be changed, avoided, negated or modified. These two eternal realities are DEATH and LIFE.

Reality means that which is permanent and not subject to change. Whoever is born in this world is surely going to die irrespective of whether he is rich or poor, human or animal. Even Gods when they manifested in this world in physical form had to leave this world leaving behind the mortal body, after fulfilling the objective of their manifestation.

Every soul in this world is moving everyday and every moment towards this eternal truth of Death. However much a soul is born with good fate, performed good deeds in the past lives, born under favorable planetary positions and living in a perfect Vastu/Feng shui compliant house yet nobody can save him from the clutches of Death. Fact is that we all are waiting for death and while waiting for this event to take place called death, we are passing time in some way or other. And everybody's way of passing time is different. Some are passing time making money, others are passing time by earning name and fame, managing family/state or countries or passing time by running behind entertainment and other attractions of life, or studies or giving discourses and performing religious rituals or spiritual practices. Every activity is just for TIME PASS and has no other meaning because whatever we do or achieve by these actions everything will be left behind here in this world itself. Nothing would be carried further except mental impressions.

Through one particular angle everything in this world is without any purpose. A rich man would die one day leaving behind everything here itself in this world as well as a poor man will die leaving behind everything here in this world. A thief, a pious person, a politician or a religious or spiritual master too would leave this world leaving everything behind. So, what they did was some time pass while waiting for their death.

The difference of Time Pass between one person and another is only that some have passed their time happily and others in pain. Some had enjoyed their time pass while others suffered. How we Pass our time solely depends on us. However, the experiences while passing time, has an influence on the second eternal reality of this world and that is LIFE.

Imagine a big, huge airport wherein hundreds of thousands of passengers waiting for their flight. In the process of waiting for the flight they are all passing time in different ways. Some are passing time gossiping, some by eating food, some by shopping, playing video games, getting massage and others by reading, taking naps or strolling up and down in the corridors of the airport. Some are anxious about the flight they are going to experience, some are angry at the fellow passengers dirtying the place and some are happily waiting for the flight arrival/departure. Everybody's flight has taken off from some place to come to this airport and carry them to their destination. Our flight(death) has also taken off and is in the process of arriving in our life at some point or other and take us to our destination i.e. take the soul to next birth or leave the soul merged with Pure Divine Consciousness in the space.

LIFE is the second eternal reality of this world. Even after death of physical body, life exists. Life exists in two ways. One as Soul and another as Pure Consciousness. In the form of soul, it takes rebirth in another physical body and goes through the worldly experiences (pains and pleasures) once again and as Pure Consciousness it does not take rebirth, remains merged in space with the Universal Divine Consciousness and experiences bliss.

It all depends on us as to what kind of life we want to live while passing time and waiting for death in this world and what kind of life we want to live after death, life of a soul or life of pure consciousness. Each one need to take this decision and move towards that direction.
Living Life will be a different experience altogether.

- Guruji  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Deepavali Special

Date : 17 Oct 2009


Deepavali is the festival of lights(Deep) and signifies removal of darkness of ignorance by the knowledge of light. Lighting lamp on Deepavali is symbolic to this scriptural secret.Most of the Hindus treat Deepavali as a festival which brings prosperity and towards that offer puja to Goddess Laxmi. Puja is mainly offered with the intention of seeking prosperity while some offer puja out of fear of losing whatever they have if they do not offer puja.

Seeking something always signifies insufficiency and feeling of insufficiency attracts losses because focus is on shortfall. Offering gratitude for all that which we have signifies 'being well off' and this feeling of 'being well off' attracts prosperity because focus is on abundance.

The rule is 'What we focus on, that increases in us'.

Stop asking for more and start offering gratitude for what all you have and whatever you are; prosperity, peace and happiness will automatically flow into your life. This is the real lighting of the lamp of knowledge on Diwali and genuine puja of goddess Laxmi.

 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


  Feedback from Program Participants

'Most of us celebrate festivals by following various rituals but without really understanding the significance of the festival and the message it is trying to give. You are right when you said that every festival or puja or ritual should be understood from its knowledge aspect and then connect our emotions while performing it or celebrating it. I tried and found that it's working wonderfully well. Thanks for giving a new direction of celebration.

  Question and Answers

Q:What is the significance of rituals such as pooja, homa, aarti, yagna, fasting etc. during religious festivals?A: Rituals are designed to help invoke the power of our emotions during various festivals as on those particular days (days of festivals), the whole universe is in a particular format and our rishis and munis have devised rituals so as to format our emotions and synchronize them with the format of the universe. If one is able to emanate required emotions with required intensity then one need not really follow any rituals.


Desire - the main cause for mental disturbance

As wind is the cause for waves in the ocean, desire is the cause for waves (disturbance) in the mind.

Desireless mind is peaceful, calm and relaxed but desires (including unfulfilled past desires) disturb this calmness. Unfulfilled desires irritate and frustrate the mind and fulfilled desire generates new desire causing expectations, anxiety and worries. Out of new desire some get fulfilled and others remain unfulfilled and we get caught in this vicious cycle of fulfilled and unfulfilled desire.

However everyone needs some basic amenities in life such as house, money to buy food and clothing, a personal vehicle and bit of entertainment + savings to take care of future exigencies. But the confusion is how to differentiate between desire and necessity and strike a balance between them.

Necessity is out of compulsion to live, desire is out of competition. Desire springs up from the ever active unsatisfied senses and mental comparison with what others have and what we don't have. Desire is never constant but ever increasing. Running behind desire is like that deer which runs after an illusory desert mirage wherein upon arriving at the identified spot it finds nothing and the mirage is visible farther away at another spot.

There lived a rich man in a villa and in the opposite lived a poor man in a hut. Rich man's wife used to observe the peace at which poor man and his wife lived but that peace she never felt neither in herself nor in her husband. Once when her Guru (Spiritual Master) visited her house she sought to know as to why is it that even though they eat rich and healthy food yet fall sick and poor couple hardly eat anything yet remain healthy, they sleep in air conditioned bedrooms yet get sleep with difficulty but the poor couple sleep like log of wood even in the hut, their future is well secured yet they always live in some unknown fear and the poor couple look fearless as if they are highly secured.

To answer the question, Master asked the rich lady to put some gold coins in a bag and ordered it to be kept quietly in the poor man's hut in the night. Next day he left by saying that she must observe the poor man for next 2 months. Couple of days later she noticed that the poor man, who used to come back home early evening, has started coming back late night. Occasionally she started hearing some quarrels between the poor man and his wife. She observed falling health and wrinkles of tension on the poor man's face.

Rich man's wife was amused at these developments as she thought that after getting gold coins the poor couple will look even more happier and healthier but reverse of it had happened. Upon enquiry she came to know that the poor man after finding those couple of gold coins in his house desired to add some more to them so as to secure his future, buy a house and other luxuries to enjoy. And towards this he started working double shift, cutting down on his food and started consuming alcoholic drinks to overcome his stress. He also forced his wife to work and earn so as to save more money.

This changed attitude brought a lot of stress on the poor couple. They had no time for each other. They forgot what they have and started bothering for what others have and they don't have. They forgot to live in the present and started living in the future thus losing the secured zone of contentment, losing the gratitude mode with God and getting entangled in the illusory competition and eventually losing peace.
- Guruji  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Desire is prayer

Date : 29 Aug 2008


When you desire for something you are basically sending a signal to the cosmic forces about what you want. Once your desire goes to cosmos, cosmos starts its preparation to fulfil your desire. But even before your desire is fulfilled if you doubt or fear for the success of your desire you are sending another signal to cosmic forces that you don't intend to fulfil your desire without hurdles hence cosmic forces change their plan and create hurdles. This is how, most of the time, we attract hurdles in our success.-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

  Question and Answers

Q:How do we keep our mind away from doubts and fear? A: First of all you have to realize that your doubts and fear have the power to create hurdles in accomplishing your goals. This realization itself can play an important role in focusing your mind on success. Secondly start visualizing success of your goals regularly and thirdly whenever your mind thinks of failure or hurdles in your success replace these with thoughts of success. If you consciously practice this replacement technique for some time you will find that your mind stops emanating negative thoughts.


Dipawali- The knowledge aspect

Date : 18 Nov 2010


Dipawali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of India. It is a festival of light and worship of goddess Laxmi for peace, prosperity and happiness.

There are several other important things too happened during Diwali day and some of them are

1. Lord Krishna killed demon Narakasura
2. Lord Rama returned back to Ayodhya
3. Lord Mahaveer attained Nirvana

Goddess Laxmi is the personification of feminine aspect of the omnipotent divinity. As goddess Laxmi represents peace, prosperity and happiness, it is believed that she can be attracted only at places which are clean and well lit. So, this day people light lamps to welcome goddess Laxmi to their houses, offices and workplaces and eventually in their lives. As darkness is dispelled when diyas (lamps) are lit, human ignorance (darkness) is dispelled when knowledge of pure divinity (light) is lit.

What is this ignorance which needs to be dispelled?

Ignorance of one's own (self) reality and the reality behind the existence of our world, ignorance of the subjects which entangles senses, ignorance of the causes binding to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, ignorance of mental attachments and aversions, ignorance of the science of karma and its results, ignorance of proper attitude and behavior and ignorance of the perception and existence of God. These and other such ignorances are the main reasons for the peaks of pains and pleasures, happiness and suffering, profit and losses in our lives.

The knowledge which has the power to dispel our ignorance is the knowledge of the presence of divinity in everything and every being in this universe. Though there is so much variety in the universe and everything looks to be independent and separate from each other yet the fact is that everything is made of One divine force, omnipresent and omnipotent, called as God, Allah, Brahman, Pure Consciousness, Energy etc. Everything seen and unseen is a modified form of that formless Divinity. Perceiving things as things is ignorance and perceiving divinity in things is knowledge.

As much the darkness of ignorance is removed through the light of knowledge, that much one attains peace, happiness and prosperity. It is basically because one gets nearer to the divine creative forces by identifying it in every aspect of life and that identification makes the divine forces take charge of the individual and makes all those things happen which are good for that individual.

At times it so happens that life may encounter problems even after attainment of pure divine knowledge but then these problems should be perceived as good for the spiritual upliftment of the individual. Gods who have manifested in human form, Saints and Spiritually Realized Souls such as Lord Rama, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Raman Maharshi, Lord Buddha, Mahaveera, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed etc also have experienced problems in their lives. The problems in their lives were for their evolution and for the betterment of human beings in particular and for the society in general. Their problems became the stepping stone for the upliftment of the world. This is the power of establishing in the knowledge of pure divine force.

Let the light of pure knowledge be lit in every being and let all beings live in peace, harmony and happiness. May the celebration of Diwali take place every day and inner Joy be experienced all the time.

With best wishes and divine vibes.

 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Dissolving the bitterness of life...

Once a young man came to a revered teacher, who was seated under a tree near a beautiful lake, and asked for the solution for his unhappiness. After some minutes of conversation the old master kindly instructed the visitor to put a handful of salt in a glass of water and then to drink a few mouthfuls.


"How does it taste?" the teacher asked. "Awful," said the apprentice after he had spat out the revolting liquid a few paces away. The teacher chuckled and then asked the young man to take another handful of salt and put it in the lake. The two walked in silence to the nearby lake and when the youngster swirled his handful of salt into the lake, the old man told him, "Now drink from the lake."


As the water dripped down the young man's chin, the master asked him again, "How does it taste?" "Good!" he replied. "Do you taste the salt?" asked the Master. "No," said the young man. The Master sat beside the troubled youth, took his hands, and said,


"The pain of life is pure salt; no more, no less. The amount of pain in life remains the same, exactly the same. But the level of ‘pain we taste' depends on the container we put it into. So when you are in pain, the only thing you can do is to enlarge your sense of things. Stop being a glass. Become a lake.


And you can become a lake where you broaden your outlook; when you stop looking only at yourself and your own miseries. Look at life as a whole and the many things without which you would not be what you are today - your friends, family, hobbies, nature around you.


When you are confronted with a problem, you see only the problem and ruminate over it endlessly which only makes the situation more tragic. Think of previous instances when things were better. Look at all the blessings that God has filled your life with about which you never give a thought.


Never compare yourself negatively with others. You are a unique person and if you have the faith, God will provide what you need. When you have a pain in your life, put it in front of GOD - then it will surely lessen. Do not put it in front of yourself - as you cannot see beyond it.


God is Infinite. Tap this source, with confidence.

The young man left, and his viewpoint on his problems had totally changed. As the saying goes:


Tell your problems how big your God Is.


- Guruji  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

Diwali Special

Date : 08 Nov 2007


Diwali is a festival of lights.
The Sanskrit word Deepavali means an array of lights that stands for victory of brightness over darkness.
The festival marks the victory of good over evil.
The most significant esoteric meaning is "the awareness of the inner light". Central to Hindu philosophy, is the assertion that there is something beyond the physical body and mind which is pure, infinite, and eternal, called the Atman. Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Deepavali is the celebration of this Inner Light, in particular the knowing of which outshines all darkness (removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance), awakening the individual to one's true nature, not as the body, but as the unchanging, infinite, imminent and transcendent reality. With the realization of the Atman, comes universal compassion, love, and the awareness of the oneness of all things (higher knowledge). This brings Ananda (Inner Joy or Peace).
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


'I feel lot of peace when I meditate on my inner self as pure light. I also felt lot of changes in my attitude after this kind of meditation. Everybody started liking me and loving me. I feel that this inner pure light has the power to influence others and it creates an attraction towards us. Ramesh bhai, thanks for guiding me to the inner light.'- Shanker

  Question and Answers

Q:How should we perform Diwali Pooja? A: You may perform Diwali pooja in a way which you always perform but remember to introduce emotions (bhava) while performing pooja. Without proper bhava, pooja will not have the required effect.

While performing pooja try to invoke your inner light (imagine pure light in the heart region) and visualize your deity also as a manifestation of pure light. Light the lamp to signify pure light as the cause of the creation. While performing Aarti feel that you (as light in the form of aarti) offering your gratitude to the omnipresent divine light represented by the deity to whom aarti is being given. Let your inner light become one with the deity and feel that entire universe is filled with this divine light.


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