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Aren't we blind

Date : 05 Jan 2008

Physically blind people are not able to see the outside world and we are not able to see the inside world. We get so much lost in the outside attractions and negative aspects that we do not realize the existence of the beautiful world inside. All our negativity viz. hatred, jealousy, ego, revenge, fear etc. are born because of the lack of inner journey. Even if we close our eyes to turn inwardly we cannot remain in that darkness for long and out of fear open our eyes without seeing and enjoying the treasure inside. Learn to turn inwards and see through the darkness-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

My recent experience in a school for blind children: I had conducted a program on 3rd Jan, 08 at a school for blind children. This school seems to be the biggest school for blind children in India. They have around 350 students and provide totally free education, boarding and lodging. It was a great experience for me sharing the secrets of invoking our potential powers with these visually impaired children. The participation of children in my talk and the intelligent questions they asked was amazing. The way they were absorbed in the subject and the confidence they showed in achieve great heights in their lives was just incomparable.

Some of the students from this school have become software engineers and are working in top class Indian companies like Wipro, Infosys etc. Some of them are aiming to become chartered accountant and IAS officer. They don't look at any sympathy from anybody but they look at opportunities that too on merits.

These visually impaired students are so lovely, lively, intelligent and forward looking that people, who are without any disablement have to learn life lessons from them. Some of my observations of natural instincts these children live with, which can teach us life lessons are,

1. Always move in tandem (in harmony) with others and remain willing to offer help to others.
2. Do not only believe in what you see, use your sixth sense (feelings in egoless state) to judge a person or situation.
3. Offer gratitude to God for what all you have and do not complain for what you don't have.
4. Carry on with life unbothered of ups and downs.
5. Irrespective of your encountering unfavorable situations in life, remain happy all the time.
6. Make best use of your abilities and live joyfully.
7. Look forward and never look backwards.
8. Put sincere efforts towards your goals and not get perturbed with failures, new opportunities will automatically start flowing towards you.
9. Turn inward rather than always remaining outward.

 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

These great life lessons from the blind students can be spread to others to help people know how to live life.


As is our last thought, so is our next birth

Date : 08 Feb 2011


Our next birth gets decided based on the intense and predominant last thought of ours at the time of death. And the last thought generally is that, with which, one is excessively attached to or felt enmity or feared the most i.e. based on attachments and aversions.

Most of the people desire to remember God at the time of their death but they remain ignorant of the fact that they cannot do so unless they had remembered him all along their life with fairly good intensity and faith. Childhood is spent in ignorance, youth/middle age in lust then how one can remember God during old age and at the time of death. Secondly, as no one knows when the death would strike, waiting for old age to remember God isn't foolish.

Lord Krishna has said in the holy scripture Gita that the last thought of a person would be based on his attitude and behavior, which he has practiced during his life time. If one has lived a life fully engrossed in the world with all kinds of emotions attached to it such as pains and pleasures, hatred, jealousy, revenge etc then accordingly will be his last thought. He cannot remember God at the end.

Once, two disciples came to Lord Buddha and one of them while complaining about the other person asked Lord, don't you think this man will be born as a Dog in his next birth When Lord Buddha asked as to why he thinks so, the disciple replied saying that this man is too much attached to his dog. He goes to walk with his dog, sleeps with his dog and plays with the dog. Lord said that this man may be born as dog but you will surely be born as dog in your next birth as more than him, it is you who thinks of his dog.

Just like the camera film catches an image at the time of the click of the camera, certain images gets clicked in the mind of the soul at the time of death based on his attachments and aversions. These very images are caught hold off by the soul, who comes out of the body along with the life force. A suitable physical body which can take the soul to those places and people matching with these images attracts that life force and through food and water that soul gets impregnated in that body.

If one is in the remembrance of God at all times, even while performing ones worldly duties without fear or attachment, then whatever time death strikes, there is no worry. One will leave the body peacefully and merge with the supreme divine being. Secondly remembering God at all times helps one remain relaxed and connected to the higher consciousness (as God is the highest and purest level of consciousness) thus attracting good things and happiness in life while one is still alive. Thus remaining established in the remembrance of God at all times is a profitable proposition, not only from spiritual point of view but even from worldly point of view. God could be remembered through any name or form or formless as Divine Energy, Atman, Brahman or Pure Consciousness.

- Guruji 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji



Date : 30 July 2008


Astrology is the ancient science to study the visible celestial objects, especially the Sun, Moon, stars and planets for their pattern of motions and their influence on earth. There is no predictive astrology in Vedas but as time passed people started using this science for predicting future.Perhaps the most important criticism of the scientific viability of astrology are the empirical studies which have found that astrological predictions are no better than random chance. The study proved that not more than 50% astrological predictions come true and as per the law of probabilities 50% predictions can come true even when there is no basis to predict. Divorce rates do not correlate with astrological compatibility. Sun signs do not show a greater chance of following one career path over another.

Planets and Stars do not have so much influence on human beings that they can decide our fate. If astrology is the sole decider of our fate then our efforts (Purushartha), deeds (karma), blessings, curses, negativity and others negative vibrations have no role to play.

Do not allow objects to influence your life. You are the all powerful influential being in this creation and you are the creator of your own destiny. Perform good deeds, be positive, love everybody, believe in the higher divine self, meditate regularly then even Rahu-Ketu or shani cannot interfere in your peace and cannot do anything wrong to you.

 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


I was a staunch believer in astrology and all my actions were based on the advices of astrologers. For every problem I used to find solution through astrology. After attending your workshops and understanding it as a science I have developed belief in myself as being the creator of my own destiny. I am out of the clutches of astrologers and I find things are much better off now. The power of my thought also has improved after practicing meditation that everything which happens in my life I can co-relate it with my own thoughts, emotions and imaginations. I have no hesitation is saying that I was a weak person and hence was trapped into astrology. Now I have full faith in myself and developed strong conviction that it is we and we alone who are responsible for our lives and life situations.

  Question and Answers

Q:My daughter is a mangalik and I have been told that the boy should also be mangalik otherwise there could be problems in marriage?A: More than worrying about matching horoscopes I suggest you to match the attitudes, life style, life visions etc. of both the boy and girl. Otherwise, even if the horoscopes matches but these factors do not match then chances are more for problems in marriage. I know several couples whose horoscopes matched perfectly but they did not prove to be good match and there are many cases otherwise where couples prove to be made for each other whereas the horoscopes do not match at all.

Superstitious beliefs create more problems rather than solve hence, find a good match for your daughter who appears to be made for her in the various important aspects of life and perform her marriage with a positive attitude. She will lead a successful married life.


Atrocities on women eventually lead to destruction:

Atrocities on women eventually lead to destruction:

Since ages women have been the soft target for physical, mental and emotional abuse and humiliation. In the falsely perceived male dominated society, she is the one found to be compromising, adjusting and struggling for her survival.

People forget that woman is the feminine aspect of the Divine Creative Forces. She is the manifestation of these cosmic forces in human form.

In the pure unmanifested aspect she is formless, omnipresent, omnipotent energy and the cause for the creation of universe. And in the manifestation aspect she is in the form of women. Among all the species in the universe only female specie has the power to procreate and one among them is women. Without this female aspect of creative force the world would have come to an end long ago.

In spite of such potential power within women, she falls prey to the abuse, atrocity and humiliation by men. Women predominantly being emotional humans and also by the virtue of love showering entity through various roles such as of a mother, sister, wife and daughter, are suppressed by the intellectual and physical strong entities.

But however, every time she is abused and humiliated she comes out stronger and stronger to fight such abuses. She also becomes the medium for destructing those evil forces, which are responsible for atrocities on her.

We know how demon Mahishasura was killed by Goddess Durga.  Mahishasura gained a boon from Lord Brahma that made him invulnerable to men of any species. Even Devtas tried to fight Mahishasura but they realized that he alone has the power of all of them. Then when Devatas prayed to Durga, she fought and killed Mahishasura.

Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and kept in captivity. Rama with the help of Hanuman and the army of Monkeys eventually destroyed his army and killed Ravana along with his brother, son and relatives. In this destruction Sita became the medium.

We also know how Draupadi (wife of Pandavas) was humiliated in the court room of King Dhritarashtra and Lord Krishna saved her. That humiliation became the cause for Mahabharata war and all the 100 Kauravas (Duryodhana and his brothers) along with their supporters got killed.

The one act of humiliating Draupadi resulted in such destruction that even after thousands of years it is remembered in horror, shame and awe.

Time and again, History has proved that humiliating women attracts large scale destruction and that too not only of the persons directly involved in humiliation but even their supporters, mute spectators and the rulers of the land.

When a woman gets hurt (physically, mentally or emotionally) her feeling of hurt directly goes to cosmos and activates/invokes the cosmic forces for revenge. If the Rulers(Government, Community and law abiding citizens of the country) do not swiftly act and punish the guilty then large scale discontentment and frustration takes place which eventually leads to large scale destruction.

Even if by any chance the guilty remains scot free then also they cannot escape the punishment as Cosmic forces have their own way of punishing and revenging the guilty and rectifying the imbalance caused due to the suffering of women (the suffering gets transferred to the feminine aspect of the cosmic forces).

No one should feel that they are superior to a woman and woman is weak and they can abuse or humiliate her and still remain scot free. Everyone should fear the consequences of suffering of women, which will haunt them for births after births. Neither they nor their supporters or the protectors of law will be left without avenging the suffering of women.

 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

Avoid feeling of revenge

Date : 23 Nov 2007

Never have the feeling of revenge. Even if you have been insulted, hurt, belittled, duped, ignored or tortured (mentally/physically) do not feel to take revenge. Consider your sufferings as the result of your own karma. Our feelings of revenge rebounds on us with double force and would make us suffer more. Remaining calm during such circumstances keeps the doors open for happiness and better things in life-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

'I was duped of lot of money by a person (close relative) because of which I suffered heavily. With vengeance and revenge I tried to get back my money. Nothing worked and I incurred more losses in other deals too during that period. I met with an accident, had a labour strike in my factory and relationship with my wife also got strained. I did not sleep for more than 2 months.After your advice I forgave the person who duped me and even prayed to god for the well being of that person and lo.... my life started taking a turn. I started sleeping well, newer opportunities came to me and I earned good profits, my health improved as well my relationship improved with my wife. I am back to normalcy (frankly I am in a much better position now). Your advice worked wonderfully well.

  Question and Answers

Q:When somebody dupes us shouldn't we take any action to recover our hard earned money?A: You can always take whatever reasonable actions required to recover your money such as legal, arbitration, diplomatic and advisory but ensure not to emanate negativity against such persons. Do not feel to take revenge, insult or feel that he should also get duped by somebody the way he duped you. Such negativity would rebound on us and harm us more. You must have control over emotions even though you may take reasonable actions to recover your money. Never get disturbed emotionally. Keep your inner self calm and have firm conviction that......... 'whatever is yours, nobody can take it away from you and whatever has to go, nobody can stop it from going.'


Cause and effect, Karma, etc

Date : 26 Oct 2007

As per Science of Karma(Cause and Effect):
What you sow that you reap.
Your present life is the result of past actions and present actions will decide the future of your life. For any miseries in life do not complain or put responsibility on others. It is you and you alone who has to take the responsibility for all your pains and sufferings. Know this science of Karma and make amendments in your actions at least now and reap its benefits in times to come.- 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji
'I totally agree that most of us pay more attention to negative then positive and we forget to count on our blessings .I think if pay more attention to the positive things in life it will be much easier to overcome all the hurdles in life . I am trying my best to be positive all the time and it is helping me to get through even dealing with the toughest problem in my life .Thanks Ramesh Bhai for your guidance.'- Charu
  Question and Answers
Q:Can past Karmas be rectified? A: Any Karma which you have performed in the past has to give its result in some form or other. However if your present karmas are pious, with good intentions and have high intensity then they will have the power to make changes in the result of past karmas

Commandments for a happier and joyful life

Date : 22 Oct 2010


Commandment 1: Drop the mighty Ego of "I".I is the most dangerous Ego of all egos. I is always associated with false pride and is the main cause for ones fall in life. I distances one from pious people and attracts negative vibrations of others. It also binds us to new karmas (deeds) thus binding to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Commandment 2: Avoid Tit for Tat.

Give love for love, help for help but never give hatred for hatred and violence for violence (even if you are subjected to unjustified trouble). Anybody who is unjust to you is unjust because of your past karma hence reacting in the same manner will bind you once again to the same vicious cycle. Avoid conflicts and frictions at all costs.

Commandment 3: Reduce Expectations.

Expectation is the major cause for our anger, disappointment, irritation, frustration, stress and other negative emotions. Your happiness increases in direct proportion to the reduction in your expectations.

Commandment 4: Increase Acceptance.

Life is full of ups and downs, peaks of pains and pleasures and favorable and unfavorable situations. These variations are the result of our past karmas hence accepts every life situation as it is without resistance. Resistance, in any case, will not change the course of life. At least acceptance will give you enough strength to face the situation and attract good things in life.

Commandment 5: Forgive and seek Forgiveness.

Whatever we remember with intense emotions has the power to repeat itself and as we normally remember the unpleasant incidents of life more than the pleasant ones, especially the ones connected with hatred and enmity. These impressions recreate more and more unpleasant incidents in life. It is advisable to carry good memories rather than bad ones. Forgive all those who you think have been unjust to you and seek forgiveness from all those where you think you were unjust. The idea is not to carry forward any unpleasant impressions in mind, and in any case not for more than 24 hours.

Commandment 6: Make Positive Affirmations.

Every morning, afternoon and night say to yourself with strong feelings these positive affirmations as they have the power to change your mood, attitude and personality. I AM HAPPY, I AM HEALTHY, I AM PEACEFUL, I AM DIVINE, I AM POORNA ANANDA (I AM COMPLETE BLISS).

Commandment 7: Give and spread Happiness.

Whenever you give anything selflessly to anybody, cosmos gives you the same thing back in multiple of 1000 times.Hence try to always find an opportunity to give happiness to others and get blessed with bountiful of happiness.

Commandment 8: Offer Gratitude.

There are so many people who have contributed to our well being in this life, starting from our parents to our siblings, friends, Guru and God. There may be many more people who have direct or indirect contribution in this birth or previous births. Offering gratitude to them connects us to the happiness providing cosmic energy thus attracting happiness in the present as well as future.

Commandment 9: Meditate Regularly.

Through regular meditation we can break the chain of thoughts emanating from the mind and experience peace, tranquility and inner bliss. This is the state which helps us to cross over the difficulties of life effortlessly, increase our efficiency, improve decision making, avoid confusion and bring about overall positive changes in our personality.

Commandment 10: Realize your Divine Self.

The ultimate aim of this human life is to realize our own self and establish in an eternally blissful state. We are an entity beyond the limitations of physical body, mind and senses. It is eternal, omnipotent and blissful. Under ignorance we consider ourselves as a physical body and get bound to its karmas and experience the peaks of pains and pleasures. Transcending the limitations of these experiences we can realize our true self. Once the true Divine Self is realized nothing in this universe can bring pain, sorrow or frustration. Every moment is blissful and one experiences the life of a liberated soul.

- Guruji 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Connection between Param Atma and Jiva Atma

Date : 03 June 2010


The world appears in duality even though there is one and only one single reality behind everything.

That which is formless, eternal and omnipresent consciousness is called Param Atma (The Supreme Being) and that which is present in each physical body is called Jiva Atma (Individual Being). This Jiva Atma is the spark of Param Atma, which has taken birth with the objective of experiencing the creation and merging back in its original source.

The whole creation having manifested from Param Atma is so vast and so varied that it required millions of creatures to experience and enjoy it. A tree, fruit and a flower itself requires hundreds of creatures to enjoy the inside and outside of it, then imagine the requirement of creatures to experience the variety of creation in land, air and water. In the Indian Hindu scriptures 84 lakh(8.4 million) creatures are said to be existing in this world with humans being one among them.

The last and the most evolved creature to experience and enjoy the creation of Param Atma and return back to its original source is human being. After experiencing the creation human being (as Jiva Atma) is supposed to merge back in Param Atma with its original purity. However, at this stage of evolution, human beings use their power of discrimination and intellect and perform wrong actions. They also create many unpleasant impressions in their mind, thus becoming impure and losing the chance of merging back in Param Atma. To cleanse their impurities they are given another birth, but remaining ignorant of this fact they keep accumulating more and more impurities, birth after birth and remain bound to this world.

Simple secrets are given in scriptures for human beings to cleanse their impurities and enlightened masters are available for decoding these secrets to help liberate human beings from their bondage. But the desire to completely cleanse and liberate comes rarely in this creature and hence it remains bound to the world. Once this desire springs in all seriousness and unquestioned faith developed in the master (Guru) then the door opens for the Jiva Atma (Individual being) to merge back into Param Atma(Supreme being). The evolutionary cycle of Param Atma to Jiva Atma, Jiva Atma to experiencing the world and Jiva Atma back to Param Atma may come to an end. For Jiva Atma, at the end, it is like coming back home and living in peace.

- Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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