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  • Mere enema neti dhouti!Does not make you a Yogi!!

    Under yogic sadhana (hatha yoga practices), in order to keep the physical body clean,people regularly take enema, and do neti, dhouthi, kunjal and other yogic kriyas and feel that they have become yogis. They remain under illusion. Yogi means one who has attained union with the ultimate and that cannot happen through physical body, however neat and clean it is kept.

    • Mind will always deceive!Hold on to me, I will retrieve

      Mind's nature is to deceive and even when scriptures, masters declare that you are the spiritual being (self) and not human being, mind will deceive you by putting hundreds of questions which you cannot answer. Even then hold on to the self and one day you will be retrieved (fully established in the self) cutting across the mental deception.

      • Not Human beings with spiritual interest!But Spiritual being with human interest!!

        Under ignorance we think, we are human beings with worldly and spiritual interest but the reality is that we are spiritual beings (pure consciousness-self) with interest in the world and in human beings since through human beings only we (self) can experience and enjoy our creation.

        • Shift your I from finite to infinite!Dissolve yourself into supreme spirit!!

          Shift your I from finite (physical body) to infinite (self the supreme being) through dissolving yourself (surrendering of ego) into the pure spirit (consciousness). This is the ultimate aim of your life

          • When consciousness is deity!All are worshipped in totality!

            If the consciousness is the deity and is worshipped then everybody in the creation is worshipped because everybody is born to the consciousness, everything has manifested from consciousness and consciousness itself has become everything and everybody, hence there would be no need to worship any particular deity limited by form.

            • Worship to pure consciousness is!Worship to entire manifestation!!

              The highest order of worship is to worship pure consciousness and not worship to a limited form, since the entire creation including all beings and forms have manifested out of pure consciousness and are not other than that. Worshipping pure consciousness is as good as worshipping the entire manifestation including the form of god otherwise been worshipped.

              • You are yourself, the god of all! You are scared, to make such call!!

                Being perfectly in union with god, there is no difference, separation between the both and as god (pure consciousness, self) you are also the god of all, even when one feels this truth many times, one is scared to make such statement. One need not announce ones feeling in public for attracting people but to feel yourself of such a state.

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