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Outside world is the reflection of our Inner Self

Date : 08 Nov 2008


Whatever we are inside reflects outside. When we are happy inside everybody and everything looks good and when we are sad nothing looks good in the outside world. If our nature is to get irritated then everybody appears to be irritating us and if we are not fair in our dealings, everybody looks unfair to us. When we are depressed the world looks hopeless and without purpose but the same world looks good when we are positive within.Therefore whenever we experience anything bad, irritating uninteresting, burdening, and negative then know that there is something wrong within us. There is nothing wrong in others, know that our inner self is only reflecting outside. Try to rectify that wrong instead of blaming the outside world.- Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


I can't express how much change has taken place in my life after I stopped doubting people. Earlier I did not trust anybody hence I used to look at everybody with suspicion, did not talk to them properly and always used to feel that they may cheat me. In the process I had more enemies than friends. To me everybody looked as if they will misuse me, take undue advantage and ultimately leave me in the lurch but after I became little positive in my approach I found people are not so bad as I used to think. In fact I found most of the people are of helping nature and trustworthy, provided we trust them.Sudesh Singh

  Question and Answers

Q:Why are there so many ups and downs in life? Why can't the life be smooth?A:
Life as such does not have any ups and downs but it is we who create those high and low peaks of emotions in life by our swinging moods and wrong behaviour. We do not bother to keep a check on our attitude and behaviour. We allow negative aspects of our mind to rule over the positive aspects and thus suffer. Life can be smooth if you keep your inner self cool and calm, do not react negatively to any situation, trust people, reduce expectations and be content with whatever you get in life.

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Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji returns back to India after his tour to London and USA:From 18th Sept to 5th Oct Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji toured London and USA (New York, Boston, Detroit, New Jersey and Harrisburg) and conducted almost 15 programs in 18 days in addition to satsang at several places. The response was overwhelming. Programs were conducted for managers in corporates, students in colleges and for general public. THE JOY OF SEEING OTHERS JOY IS A BIGGER JOY THAN OUR OWN JOY

Painful situation and feeling of sorrow - two different things:

Painful situation and feeling of sorrow - two different things:  

Painful situations are inevitable in life, but suffering is your choice


Favourable, unfavourable or painful situations arise in life as a result of our past karmas (deeds) but feeling good or bad in these situations, is our free will. Result of past karmas is never in the form of feelings. You have the power to control your feelings and keep them separated from situations.


Through good and bad feelings we generate new Karma and that new karma results in new situation. In the new situation we would again develop new feelings and thus we get caught in the vicious cycle of karma (feeling) and karma result (situation).




No one can make you feel any negative emotion - fear, anger, or inferior - without your express permission. There will always be people who find perverse enjoyment in upsetting others, or who simply play upon your emotions so that they can use you for their own selfish purposes. Whether or not they are successful depends entirely upon you and how you react to their negative behaviors. When you are forced to deal with such people, recognize from the outset that they are trying to upset you, not because of something you may have done to them, but because of some problem they have with themselves.


Tell yourself:  "This isn't about me. I will not allow this person to upset me. I am in control of my emotions and my life".



Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

Parents emotions - blessings and curse

Date : 19 July 2008


As every parent is emotionally much attached to their children they easily feel pained or pleased depending on the treatment meted out to them by their children and these emotions get converted either as blessings or curse. Parent's blessings can play a great role in making their children's life successful and peaceful and their curses can do the opposite. Though every parent wish for their children to succeed in life and live happily but when children are not good to them, misbehave and ignore them, develop strained relations and make them feel helpless then the painful emotions emanated by them becomes a curse. These curses go to cosmos as vibrations and remain there till they recreate a similar situation for those, against whom they were emanated and make them suffer. On the other hand if parents are happy with their children and bless them, then a protective shield gets created protecting children from the worst of sufferings which otherwise they would have gone through in life. One must always strive to seek parent's blessings and live happily.- Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


I never realized this fact of attracting curse from parents when they are not happy with us. Somehow I was not going well with my parents and more so after my marriage. I was going through lot of struggle and hurdles in my life, little I realized that these could be because of the negative emotions of my parents towards me and my wife. However thanks to you, after I sought forgiveness from my parents and started looking after them I find lot of peace within me and of course life too has become smooth. My wife also was going through lot of trauma which is no longer there now. I had missed important years of my life having strained relationship with my parents. It's really shame on us that after we grow up and when our parents need us most we turn our heads away from them and leave them in loneliness. This is the time when we must repay them with our respect, care and sense of belongingness. Please pass on this experience of mine to others so that they can learn a lesson and take care of their parents as much as they can.

  Question and Answers

Q:How do I deal with my old parents when they irritate me with their behavior and mess up things?A: You must remember how much your parents had to bear you when you used to mess up things in your childhood. Secondly you seem to have expected some change in the attitude of your parents towards you as you have grown up and that is irritating you more than the actual behavior of your parents. You must realize that parents are forever parents and for them their children are forever children. Very few parents change in their old age as demanded by the changed times. Expecting them to change or advising them to change or pointing out their mistakes itself is a big mistake and is the main cause for our irritation.

Look at your old parents as children but respect them as elders. Do not mind their messing up of things and not expect too much of etiquettes from them. Don't ill treat your parents just because they could not present themselves properly before your friends/colleagues. Just try to enjoy as they are, remain positive towards them, give them their due respect and then see how much they love and bless you. Your unconditional love towards your parents will get you lot of respect in society and among friends.


Physical bodies are magnet attracting souls

Date : 10 Sep 2009


As magnet attracts iron, physical bodies attract souls. Souls in physical bodies perform karmas (deeds) and these karmas (deeds) get impressed on the sub-conscious mind. After the death, Soul leaves the physical body with these impressions within it. The impressions which the soul carries could be of the nature of violence, revenge, jealous, fear, love, laziness, greed, sensuous pleasures, possessiveness etc. All those physical bodies which can satisfy these impressions would attract that soul to them. For example impressions of violence could attract to the physical body of a lion or tiger, sensuous pleasure to a dog, fear would attract the soul to an animal/bird having such nature; greed or revenge to such a physical body (human being or animal) where they would get satisfied. Karmas are performed by souls and physical bodies act as vehicles to facilitate these karmas and their results.If you wish to take rebirth in a pious human being body then perform deeds accordingly i.e. of love, compassion, tolerance, help, non-violence etc.

Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

  Question and Answers

Q: Mind has a natural tendency to be negative. How can we develop positive attitude? It does not seem to be easy?
A:Negativity acts as a gravitational force for the mind. Effortlessly it gets attracted towards negativity and develops negative attitude for everything without realizing the repercussions.You have to consciously put intense efforts to fight the pulls from negative forces. You have to start becoming extra positive to counter the long lasting negative impressions on the mind, even if that is painful in the short term.

  • Focus on the Positive aspect in everybody and in everything.

  • Stop doubting your success.

  • Be happy with others growth.

  • Stop being pessimistic.

  • Accept failures, pains and impediments with folded hands.

  • Seek happiness in others happiness.

  • Stop being selfish, egoistic and greedy.

  • Apologize and thank mentally, all those people who give you pains and sufferings (as they were forced to become a medium, to give you the result of your own deeds).


Planetary influence and protection

Date : 04 Sep 2010


Planets are moving objects and transmit or reflect light; they hence emanate vibrations as well as some kind of rays which have influence on other objects, physical bodies and mind. Based on statistical study of these influences, astrological predictions have been devised (although prediction based on planetary positions is not allowed in the Vedas, the origin of astrology).

Planets do not emanate negative or positive vibrations or rays. They just emanate these vibrations by virtue of their movements and light reflections. As these vibrations may or may not be compatible with the vibrations of individual beings they are said to be negative or positive. Normal human beings (not evolved in higher consciousness) and those human beings who believe in planetary influence and astrological prediction are the ones who get affected the most by the vibrations of these planets. However, beings strong in their inner self and evolved in higher consciousness neutralize the effect of these vibrations.

It is something like this; During hot summer with temperature hovering around 45/50 Degree Celsius, those people walking in the streets would have high chance of having sun stroke. One can protect oneself from sun stroke by using an umbrella. One can also protect oneself by keeping an onion on the head or in the pocket as per the belief in India. Even though the sun is emanating the same intensity of light, heat and destructive rays one will still get protected. Another kind of protection is to travel in an A/c car. One would not only protect oneself from the harmful effects of hot sun but would also enjoy one?s journey even in adverse condition.

Hot Sun can be equated to the so called adverse planetary position of say, Shani (Saturn) or Rahu Ketu (shadow planets). They have their own vibratory influence, generally not so compatible to human beings when they are in a particular position. Their Vibrations could be neutralized by opposite vibrations or by vibratory protective shield. Prayers, Mantra chanting, Meditation, Unshakable faith in God, Complete surrender to Guru, Emanating Positive Vibrations from Inner Self? can help neutralize planetary vibrations and will have the power to protect one from their destructive effects. This acts as an umbrella, or an onion kept in the head and or traveling in an A/c car.

Planets are only objects and they do not have the power of consciousness but we, human beings, are subjects and have the power of consciousness within us. We have the power to emanate vibrations of the highest intensity. We however have to invoke our hidden potential by way of prayers, meditation, mantra chanting and by being positive.

Create a protective shield of vibratory aura all around you through the above means and live happily without worrying about planets taking control of your life. We have the power to rule over every aspect of creation, so create your own destiny without allowing the planets to rule over it.

- Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Power of Blessings

Date : 14 Sep 2008


Every genuine blessing has the power to change destiny. Powerful vibrations are emanated when somebody blesses and these vibrations have the power to bring good luck, remove obstacles and create protective shield around us. One must always try to seek blessings especially from parents, relatives, elders and saints. One must also use this power of blessing for the good of others. The more you bless, more your power of blessing increases. When you bless others you tend to attract others blessings.- Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


I was not a very successful person in life and struggling to make both ends meet. After listening to you about attracting blessings from others I started taking care of my parents properly and changed my behavior towards others. I find lot of change in my business and financial status. I am also feeling good and happy these days.

  Question and Answers

Q:Itís quite difficult to bless others especially somebody from outside the family. Is there any technique to empower our blessings?A: Saints and Scriptures have said that one who cannot bless cannot receive blessings. Most of the time if we cannot bless others it is because we cannot see their well being and progress. Our ego, jealousy, superior or inferiority complex holds us from blessing others. Start blessing everybody with highest intensity(imagining the progress of the other person) and see what change it brings in your life. Let your blessings be genuine and from bottom of your heart, feel happy in others growth and you will start attracting cosmic blessings.


Power of curse

 Date : 20 May 2008


Curse is nothing but a powerful vibratory effect of negativity emanated by one person against another to bring pain, grief or misfortune. A person curses another person either upon getting insulted, hurt, and belittled or out of jealousy or enmity. The negative vibrations emanated as curse have the power to follow and bring misfortune to the soul even if they are required to wait for hundreds of births to fulfill their objective. Some of the life's unexplained problems can be attributed to such curses carried forward from the past births. The most effective method of protection from curse is through seeking forgiveness.- Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


The Story
King Dasharatha, father of Lord Rama, once when he was on his hunting expedition, killed Shravan Kumar by mistake. The physically disabled parents of Shravan Kumar, unable to bear the death of their son also died but before their death they cursed king Dasharatha that he will also die under the agony of the separation of his son. After several years when Rama was ordered to go in exile by his step mother, Dasharatha died unable to bear the separation of his son. The curse of Shravan Kumar's parents followed Dasharatha till he died under similar circumstances.

  Question and Answers

Q: How to avoid and protect ourselves from curses?
1. Always try to be humble and ensure not to hurt, insult, let down or belittle anybody.
2. Avoid unnecessary arguments, conflicts and frictions.
3. Do not betray or backstab anybody.
4. Never make elders feel miserable or helpless. They may wish similar situation for you.
5. Reduce negativity and empower your positivity.
6. Meditate Regularly and
7. Most importantly seek forgiveness from every being in the creation who is known
to be emanating negativity against you.


Power of feeling, Past & Present connection

Date : 02 Nov 2007

What you feel that you become.
What you feel that you create.
What you feel that you attract.Most of the people attract wrong things in life because of wrong, negative and ill feelings about others. They are not aware of the rebounding and influencing effect of their feelings. To attract good things in life emanate good feelings.
Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

'I never new that feelings have such power and feelings get transmitted from one person to the other. I had strained relationship with my by mother-in-law and always used to feel bad. After attending your program when I started offering my gratitude to her in meditation and started feeling good about her, dramatic changes took place in our relationship. Things are much better now and I am able to enjoy my relationship with her.'

  Question and Answers

Q:Do we have any past connection with the people in present life? A: Every single person with whom you have relationship in this birth, of any kind, has a definite connection with your past. No relationship is by accident or by co-incident. Everybody is here to settle old account (i.e. either to give or receive love, hatred, pleasures or pains).

Unfortunately, under ignorance, most of the people instead of settling old accounts and getting freed from it create new account and get caught in the vicious cycle of settling accounts and reserve relationship with same people in their future births.

We must learn how not to create new account and get freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.


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