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  • Desire, anger, stress of all kinds!sprouts effortlessly from the mind!!

    Tension, stress, anger, desire etc., sprouts effortlessly from normal, uncontrolled, undirected mind. Efforts are required to calm, content, tranquil the mind & to bring the mind to an equilibrium state. Practice of meditation on regular basis is one of the most effective method

    • Feel another, see another, think another!Quality of organs, not of the self!!

      The nature of self is of unity, oneness in the creation without distinction in shape, size, color, appearance etc., but the quality and nature of sense organs is to separate the oneness, disintegrate the unity of self and perceive the objects as independent entity based on their appearance, shape size, color etc.

      • Greater is faith and belief!Than temple, church, masjid!!

        A place of worship as such is not great. It becomes great by the faith and belief of worshippers. Temples, churches and masjids and other places of worship are places congenial to invoke faith and belief in the supreme god, as mind needs such support. Once you establish in unshakable faith in the supreme being all pervasive (present everywhere) then his faith becomes independent of such places of worship.

        • Haq-tu-ee, tatvamasi!Thou art god, that art thee!!

          Realized saints all over the world have also declared that ’you are that’ (tatvamasi), haq-tu-ee (that is you), thou art god (you are god) and that art thee (that is you). All declarations of the seers of truth have been exactly same irrespective of which place they belonged to and which path/religion they followed.

          • He knows all, few know him!He embraces all, few embrace him!

            The self knows all as he is eternal and is the creator of this creation but yet very few in the creation know him. He embraces all since he is omnipresent but few embrace him (in their ego they consider themselves to be separate entity).

            • Kind of food you eat !Kind of thought it feeds !!

              Food plays an important role for the state of mind. The type of food one eats decides the influence of it over the mind. Stale, spicy, gas emanating, indigestive food causes anxiety, anger, stress, instability etc., on the other hand fresh, light, easily digestible food makes mind calm, patient, cheerful, stable.

              • Know the mechanism of thought!Witness it, do not get caught!!

                Mind's nature is to think and depending on the subject/object it is in touch and concerned about, it will create thoughts but you being not the mind and being pure consciousness, upon knowing this mechanism of thought process, just witness the thoughts and do not get caught in the process.

                • Mantra chanting emanates divine vibrations!The language which god understands!!

                  Mantras, when chanted mentally or by sound through mouth in prescribed tune and pitch, it emanates particular type of vibrations that spreads in cosmos and influence all those for whom they are meant (secrets of Indian Veda seldom known) forcing them unknowingly to act in accordance with the objective of the mantra. People think god had responded to their prayer

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