How to control anger?  



Several techniques to control anger are in vogue and some of the popular ones are:


(1) Count 10 before you get angry

(2) Drink cold water whenever you get angry

(3) Consciously pause for 2 minutes before getting angry

(4) Smile and then get angry

(5) Pray to God before getting angry

(6) Take six slow and deep breath before getting angry

(7) Practice sheetali pranayama

(8) Check your blood pressure whenever you get angry

(9) Question yourself if it is O.K if you don't get angry

(10) Know that every time you get angry you are creating ripples in the energy field around youI do not know if you will be able to follow any of these techniques because if you can follow then you are person with full control over yourself and such person in any case does not require any technique to control anger. Many people use anger as a weapon.

Keep humility as your armour and experience protection.


Don't complain about others,change yourself if you want peace