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Janwada Ashram

Poorna Ananda Ashram symbolizes the word divine and is spread over 5 acres of land in serene atmosphere, behind Gandipet backwaters in Janwada village on Gandipet Shankarpally road, near Hyderabad, India. This ashram has been a catalyst in the upliftment of many spiritual seekers since 2015. All activities, programs and events conducted in the ashram are under the guidance of Sadguru Ramesh Ji and Guruma who are solely dedicated to making everyone’s life unconditionally happier.

This Ashram is a contemporary centre for spiritual evolution and joyful living. Sadguru Ramesh Ji established the Ashram to glorify the teachings of his Guru, Swamiji Sri Poornananda to the seekers of absolute truth and believe that Swamiji truly resides here. Each seeker here is sheltered from ignorance and spiritually nourished. Every visitor carries back, peace of mind for himself and love for all. He is bound to experience a changed perception, a happier mindset, the feeling of fullness and the wish to come back for more.


  • Dhyanashala – Meditation Hall
  • Gyanashala – Satsang Hall
  • Annapoornashala – Dining Hall
  • Yagyashala – Havan Kund
  • Lush Green Lawns
  • AC Guest Rooms


  • Spiritual Programmes, Discourses, Workshops
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Informal Q&A Sessions
  • Public Spiritual Retreats
  • Celebration of Major Festivals