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    The mission of "Poorna Ananda" is to help people in self realization and change their perception of life, attitude, joy, love, world, god, relationships, spiritualism, self, cosmic forces, devotion (bhakti),union (yoga), bondage,liberation,through the revelations of secrets of creation (manifestation, sustenance and reabsorption), pure, static and dynamic consciousness, science of vibratory effects (positive and negative), unity in creation, conscious and sub-conscious mind.

    The founder of the mission Sri. Sadguru Ramesh Ji is a new generation spiritual guide takes the spiritual aspirants from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from narrowed impressions to eternal expansion, from known to unknown, from finite to infinite, from entanglement to enjoyment, from sorrow to joy. He makes them realize and establishes them in the "self", the original state of their being.

    The process may go through various subjects such as knowledge of pure consciousness, evolution of the creation, science of cosmic vibrations, projection of the self, transcending the mind, witness of cosmic play, meditation, attitudinal aspects, physical health etc.

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